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Questions you may have!

What is Giallery's main expertise?

We are a private joint-stock company that, in addition to our architectural projects, we have set up a gallery of the apartment and outdoor plants in two areas of Tehran (Elahieh and Shahrak-e Gharb zone) in order to have sales services to the end-user and to provide the plants needed for our projects.

Well, the team and the audience are the cornerstone of our brand and we work hard for it. You can learn more about us by visiting our “Story” page.

What executive records does the gallery have?

During our three years of professional activity under the name of Giallery brand, we have been honored to work with valuable brands. Padiran Company, Iranmall Restaurant Complex, Rangdaneh Sirjan and Villasofia Showroom, also many well-known Iranian designers, in addition to more than 500 internal and external executive records are among them.

Does Giallery only provide services in the field of design?

No. We are a big architecture team that from the first stage, means initial studies and site analysis, concept and initial design, and phase 2 architecture to A-Z of the project will be beside you.

We also follow with love the sale of decorative, collection and apartment plants.

Does Giallery only provide services in landscape design?

No. Landscape design, including the design of roof gardens, terraces, gardens, villas and yards, as well as the design of indoor plants are all our expertises.

How much time it needs from design to execute a project?

This depends on different factors. Site size, your requirements and restrictions are among them. But for typical projects, on average, one month is the period of time for the design phase and two months for the execution phase. In other cases, the time may vary.

How is the cost of design and execution of the projects calculated?

The cost of the design will be determined based on the size of the project. Execution costs will also be calculated as a percentage of contracting.

In this process, initial consulting and site analysis is free. Therefore, for any consultation, you can call us.

In which cities do you have architecture design and execution services?

We do not have location limitations for architectural design. We may not be able to visit your site in person; But we can start the project based on the plan you give us.

To implement the design, at this time we can only provide services for Tehran and its suburbs. We hope to be able to provide services to all cities of Iran, real soon.

What are the steps to purchase a plant from the Giallery?

You can start your purchasing process in person or via Instagram and WhatsApp. All Giallery staff have taken herbalist courses and will offer you the best deals according to your needs and environmental conditions.

After the needs assessment and final selection, transferring the plant in the pot, packing and sending it will be done as soon as possible and in the best way by us.

How much are the costs of Giallery products?

Giallery has collected a wide variety of products from office plants to luxury and collection plants. Therefore, according to your project budget, it will be possible to provide various offers from our team.